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Re: crazy DSP handling stuff

At 11:09 PM 2/13/97 -0700, you wrote:

>> (no flames, please, Berry's RX3 is rumored to be near 200hp - I'll 
pay a LOT
>>of money for a DSP legal 8v JH that puts out 200hp;).  So, while I 
>>more power, it is kinda hard to come by - suspension, OTOH, is right
>>there.  I like it.  More suspension discussions!
>>Mannix (I love suspension talk - the more I learn, the faster I 

Im the same way, I enjoy new suspension ideas. 

Hey, did I tell you I beat that RX-3! Last race at Norton AFB, I beat 
him by a half a second. Ask your buddy Randy about it! He was 
there........ heh-heh, its actually kinda funny how it went down!!! 
I hear he's got 186 hp and about as much torque! That rotary RWD really 
should'nt be in DSP. Thats life, huh!

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