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Geometry 101

At 11:28 PM 2/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>As you can see, by my comments, I said legal mods. I'm well aware that you
>can't substitute springs or perches.  Sorry about the mixup.

Ah! I see clearly now. I took the comment as a general statement. Silly me!

>However, it's a fact that lowering most VW's by much more than 1" will have a
>negative effect on roll center axis, as well as creating diminishing returns
>on camber gain through corners.  You can see this in the fact that the a-arms
>are near horizontal to begin with on VW's, and excessive lowering of the car
>creates a situation where the harder you go into a corner, the more negative
>camber you lose...and thus, you lose usable traction...and in a race or
>auto-x that means: you lose!  That is why whenever you see a winning
>autocrosser in DSP or a winning club racer in GT, their car isn't "slammed",
>but merely lowered 1 to 1 1/4 inches, in contrast the Hondas which, due to
>suspension geometry can afford to lower the car a little more and get away
>with it.  (even so I still love VW's more)

I see your point. I even agree with most of it but having said that, there is one 
extremely fast GTi that is the San Diego 4 time DSP champion. His car sits where the 
fender lip is almost right on the wheel. Its slammed in my book! You can get a VW to 
sit very low and still have it be a performer. If you use the right equipment, it 
does work. Now if somebody new to racing (Autox) decided to simply cut the stock 
springs (Like most Honda's are done here in my town) with the stock shocks, they 
will be sadly dissapointed and what you say would without a doubt, be absolutley 
true. Using racing springs (Or firmer) and the proper shocks (Koni's/Tokoco's/ 
Bilsteins, what have you) will maintain the effect on roll center axis, as well as 
maintaining camber through corners. Ive got proof! Using Koni adjustable shocks with 
Neuspeed Race springs, my new BFG R1 autox tires have wear on the front tires evenly 
across the tire. My older setup (Neuspeed sport lowering springs/KYB shocks) and 
with the same allignment numbers had an extreme outside wear on my tires. (My rear 
tires have no wear, time to rotate!) So to me, the right spring/shock combo can and 
do use the added geometry of a lowered car to improve handeling performance.
Naturally, im talking about DSP rules and not E-stock.

Anmyway, thanks for the mind opener! Where do you race your 16V??

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