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Re: crazy handling stuff

At 11:20 PM 2/13/97 +0500, you wrote:

>Same.  Lowering your car is practically the best thing to do for autox.
>Lowering your center of gravity is gospel.  But there is such a thing as
>'too much of a good thing being bad' if that is what you are referring to
>when making handling worse.  Lower it too much and you'll take away from
>that performance, but a 1.5-2'' reduction from stock, which is what everyone
>does, is just unbeatable.  

>Chris Taylor
>'87 Scirocco G60-to-be

        Yes you are right because changing the angles of the suspension with
out knowing what you are doing is a bad thing.  The lower front "A"-arms on
a proper suspension should be parallel with the ground for proper suspension
set up.  Some where close to that is good.

					1980 VW Scirocco S
					1983 Alfa Romeo GTV-6
					1986 Kawasaki 600 Ninja
					1979 Piaggio Vespa P125X

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