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Re: Painting steering wheel etc.

At 11:03 PM 2/13/97 -0700, you wrote:

>I think what he's referring to is this - if you lower the car to the point
>where the control arms are no longer parallel with the ground, but pointing
>up to the front wheels, your roll center drops below the ground.  For those
>that don't know, the roll center is the axis about which the car rotates -
>with c-arms parallel to the ground, the roll center is roughly at pavement
>level, slightly above.  Let's say the rc is ON the ground for discussion.
>Now, let's say that the center of gravity (or mass, whatever) is at the
>shift knob - umm, lets call it 18" off the ground (I'd guess it to be more,
>but it works.)  ASCII crap to follow.

>Au revior....Mannix

        See, now if I had looked ahead in my mail box and read this I
wouldn't have posted.. I get all worked up sometimes..
        Mannix you put it very well, kudos.

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