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Re: Painting steering wheel etc.

At 08:02 PM 2/13/97 -0600, you wrote:
>My memory of the 3 spoke steering wheel is that they are plastic. (?) (is it a 
>leather wheel?)  I dont have any idea what kind of temps are used for that 
>proccess. Even those of us with the leather wheels, I dont think the high temp 
>will hurt the leather that bad. (Well, my wheel isnt a good example since its 
>the 4 button type) Anybody know what kind of temps are used for 

        Yes the process of powder coating WILL bake the leather/plastic
pretty well.  Although the temp eludes me (it has been a while since I had
this done) I remember it being relatively high.  I don't recommend it for a
steering wheel.  Rims, yes, but steering wheels no.

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