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Re: 2.1L turbo 16v

At 05:43 AM 2/7/97 -0500, you wrote:
>$7k is a TON of money.  But I do have SOME cash and want to do an upgrade of
>some sort.  If I go the turbo way, can I do it in "installments?"  What does
>the shortblock consist of that is different from a normal stroked 2.0-2.1L?
> Is it just low-compression pistons?  Or is it totally different--built up
>for a turbo?
>Could I theoretically just put the shortblock on my stock 16v?  What 
kind of
>gains/losses would I experience?  @ How much of the $7k is this gonna 

Sounds like a question for TurboTim@NewDimensions! I bet he will know 
the anwser!

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