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Re: Problems...

At 07:47 PM 6/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Replace  the pump !! I had the exact probelm on my departed 84 GTI  I replace
>the filter and injectors no help.  Replaced the pump and the problem never
>came back
>hope this 2 cents worth helps

Thanks to everybody who responded.  It happened again last night on the way
home from work.  This time I heard a click, followed by a 'buzz buzz buzz
buzz' (honest!).  I pulled over turned it off.  It took a minute or two to
get it started again, then it ran fine.  I talked to my mechanic, he said
the exact same thing.  Fuel problem.  Then I told him about the click.  He
said relay.  He looked at my relay and someone had taken the cover off it at
one point.  He suggested getting a new one, so I trotted over to the dealer,
$50 later I plugged it in.  Made it in to work without a problem, so maybe
it's solved.  Funnily enough it felt stronger at the higher RPMs again.  

But that's another story.

So again, thanks guys!  :)

Brandon Sommerville

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