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Re: Project Scirocco ---Carpet, Interior, Sunroof ......

First off, I love hearing about projects.  If any of you are doing similar
things, DONT BE SHY!  Tell us!  We care!  ;-)

>Things left to do : Swap transmissions, front & rear brakes, power windows
>& locks, build new door mods ( for 6 1/2, 5 1/4 and tweeter in door), build
>new amp rack and sub box (amps concealed in raised floor ), FUBA 16V
>AM/FM/Cellular antenna, install entire stereo system & alarm system,
>install 3 watt booster kit for my phone, make the manual sunroof power

Sounds great!

>Hey I know I've heard of powering the manual tilt/slide roof with a motor
>from an Audi 4000.  Has anyone done this ?  I'd like to know just what
>parts are needed.

I've heard of it too.  A friend of mine here at Va Tech, Danny-boy Ruddick,
has a power sunroof.  I recall asking him if if was from an Audi.  I don't
remember what you said, Dan!  Is it?  I'm almost positive that Scirocco's
were not offered w/ power sunroofs.  

Oh, MIDNIGHT BLUE all the way.  I'm seeing more and more yellow scirocco's.
It's becoming a trend.  I have yet to see a midnight blue one.  Bring it on!

Chris Taylor
'87 Scirocco G60-to-be

      Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
          and State University
         College of Engineering
chtaylo4@vt.edu ::::: chtaylo4@aol.com

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