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Neuspeed sway & Koni

 In the near future I plan on fixing up the suspension on the Scirocco I.

  I would like to know the best place to buy a set of Neuspeed sway
bars, and Koni adjustable shocks. (Best price)

 I have a set of Koni's now, but they are trashed. I know Koni has a
lifetime waranty on them, but I can't see taking the shocks out of the
car, and then sending them in only to be without a car for who knows how
long. My plan is to buy new ones, then send in the old ones to be either
repaired or replaced, and perhaps sell the later. 

 Does anyone knows where to send them? I don't have a receit, but I can
make one. :)

 I also have a set of ST sway bars, but I don't think I could give those
away. (Figure of speech) :)


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