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Re: GTI, GLI, etc. - What do they mean?

> > GTX = Same as GTI but used in Europe and elsewhere.
> minor, but the Scirocco GTi was replaced in the lineup with the

sorry, but speaking of Europe, this is wrong.
the fact that the GTX models replaced the Scirocco GTi,
does not mean that they are the same.

reason :
the "i" stands for fuel injection here,
so every GTi, regardless of Golf or Scirocco is a FI.
"GTX" was introduced in 1984 to represent
the top model Sciroccos, VW also added a bodykit.
BUT the GTX are not only FI, there were also carbed models.

GTX 1.8l  EX carbed
GTX 1.8l  DX inj.

btw. Question for the Scirocco Professors over there :
my '83 GTX has a rear window wiper,
my '84 GTX doesn't. There isn't even a hole in the rear window for it.
was this car meant to be an export version for sunny California ? :-)

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