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Re: Big bumper install. Alex Ting are you out there?

Front or rear clip . .?
If you got the rear then your going to have a hell of a time fitting it top
the body. 
The same with the front, But you can get it to fit really close if you still
have the bumper metal from the gti.

Take your old bumper off and keep the post's. Now do any cutting you need to
do to get it to mont as flush as posible.

Cut the post of the gti bumper leaving like 4 inches or so behind. You then
have to do the same to the old rocco post. then match them up mark them and
either drill to holes and put in good size bolts or weld them.

I have mine bolted until I have them angled perfect then the are getting
welded, before painting.

 Oh this way you can use the bumper thing from your old rocco bumpers you know
that weird two peice thing that fills the gap between the bumper and the

If you need beter instructions just ask .
These were just ruff ones cause everyone does this conversion diffrent.
88 16v Tornado Red

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