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Re: Lightened flywheels? And NOS

>In a message dated 2/12/99 1:39:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
><< What sizes to they make them in?  I'm still running the 190mm.  I 
> really see any reason to go to a 210 since the 190 should be able to 
> pretty much any HP I throw at it.  If it doesn't, I can always go with 
> stiffer clutch.  That is of course unless the 190 is heavier than a 
210 for
> some mondo bizarre reason... it's not, is it?  In other words, what 
are the
> pros and cons of the 190 vs the 210? >
>I just had this done.  I pick up my balanced/lightened flywheel last 
week.  I
>have a original factory 190mm flywheel(why go bigger, i.e. more 
weight), F&S
>sport pressure plate and F&S sport disk.  I've had this combination for 
>years and have had no problems.  In the last year I added nitrous and 
still no
>problems.  The grinding/balancing shop came as a recommendation from my 
>shop.  This guy has been doing cranks and flywheels for over 20 years.  
>took off 5 lbs. from my 190mm.  If I had pushed it, he may have taken 
off a
>little more.  The flywheel is now a nice 10 lbs.(based on my fish 
>I'll be working on putting it in during the next few weeks.  BTW, cost 
$75 and
>a few days.  If anyone in the SF Bay Area wants to know where this shop 
>email me.
How does that NOS work for you? I've heard it can really wear out the 
middle cylinders quick.

JSJackson 85 Scirocco

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