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Re: Oxs Sensor

Stormer wrote:
> I have a 85 scirocco 8v Wolfsburg.
> It has 131,000 miles
> The other day when i was driving the Oxs light came on. I know this has
> to do with exhaust.
> And i will be having to get a emissions test this month on a new kind of
> "Dyno system"  Where your wheel move.
> What does the light mean? What do i have to do? How much will it cost?
> How do i do it?
> I am a student on a limited budget, and this has been the  first car i
> have done work on, so any explaination on how to fix, should be idiot
> proof thanx.

I'm gonna add some info to the other post-

The O2 light will come on based on mileage, not on a failure of the

Resetting the 'black box' on the back will reset the light and you won't
be bothered by it anymore.


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