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Re:[was euro bumpers][drivers rant][bearings][autox][pretty krap][recording sounds]

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:08:31 +0100 "Roland Johansson"
<scirocco@mail.bip.net> writes:
>Or it's the difference between the European way of driving and
>the US way...
><Welding helmet put down low>


Look pal, ive driven in europe for 3, count then 3 years. (1,2,3. Yah,
Ive driven in the US for 15 years. id trade EVERY one of those 15 years
in for those 3 wonderful years I had driving on the German Autobahn.
There's a thing there that people do which the americans completely are
clueless. Its called (Brace yourselves you filthy americans!) using
I know that word hurts like hell, but its the damned truth. American
drivers don't give a flying 16VJason about other drivers. They get in the
fast lane, park there, cripes! 

I long for the open left lane, if I need to pass somebody, I CAN because
people are considerate and only use the fast lane for passing and then
right away, they get back over so that OTHERS (THis is where the
consideration part comes into play) can PASS.
Its such a cool system and if in fact these binchi americans would get a
16VJason clue and use the european ethic, traffic would flow so much

Gasp, but alas, its only a dream. 

Americans have a hard time using the few driving laws like using the
yellow blinkie thing. THEY WORK PEOPLE, just move the little lever. Um,
my favorite one, LOOKING before pulling out into traffic. I don't know
how many times I've seen the back of somebodies head while they pull
right out in front of me and only after ive made an evasive maneuver, I
get to see their eyes whilst they flip ME the bird because they're now
offended that I had to avoid them.

If things like this happened in europe, they would pass a law that would
make it a public service to cap each and every driver who behaved this
way. Reward money would flow but only in america would there be a TV show
with videos of the "Worlds Best Traffic Fatalities".... 

Gawd im feeling totally patriotic right now.

In other news..... just to add some Roc flavor... anybody go thru rear
wheel bearings like I do? Im only getting about 10,000 miles on a set. I
replaced mine just before my trip to WF. I realize I do put added
stressed on my bearings from the driving I do, just wondered if others
get longer life or no.

I did manage to get my autox tires mounted for this sundays race! I also
finally got my rear EVO wheels mounted with a new set of tires. (Now Doug
cant make opening a bottle cap joke of my car at the races.)  :)

I also got my (DTM style) racing number badge thingies made and last
night I applied them to some new magnet material. Looks pretty cool in my
world. Haven't applied them to my car yet, saving that for sunday. I will
definitely need new pics for the new autox season.

Im also thinking about mounting a tape recording device to the rear of my
car and placing the mic in and behind the rear bumper for the autox. Then
I can get some new sounds of the new Eurosport exhaust system up on my
web page and maybe with some tire squealie sounds too. :)

              Shawn Meze
86' Jetta GLi           82' Scirocco GTi
The Fastest, Quickest, Cleanest and
best looking Scirocco in all of San Diego!

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