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Re: The Gods Have Smiled

Yes they have!

Somehow I got suckered into doing ALL the
legwork in this deal AND storing the car in
my garage, but Brian is going to become
manual labor for me.... :-)

Fortunately, the 16v is pretty much complete.
I plan on yanking virtually everything off of that car
and throwing what will fit on mine.  Everything else
leftover will be up for sale.

Oh yeah, there is a euro rear bumper on the car
that I don't need.  Any offers?  Or something
cool to trade for it?

For myself:
I will be pulling both doors, hood, hatch, and left front
fender.  Most of the interior, front and rear brakes, rear
swaybar, lower front stress bar, maybe the exhaust.  I will
also be keeping the body kit.

For everyone else:
There will be an extra fuba available, a set of the rabbit
GTi wheels (don't ask what happened to the tear drops),
the rear black out tailights (ok shape),
the two point lower stress bar from my car (maybe neuspeed?).
I will also have an extra set of clean 16v door panels with
the manual window crank holes, a buncha clean glass, and
some other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

And, if anyone (Shawn?) is interested in just the body
for racing purposes (damned salvage title), let me know
and I'm sure we can work something out.

Is there anything else I should pull off the car?
Is the front swaybar any bigger than my stock '83?

I'll probably have a billion other questions after I think
about it a little more........

Alex Ting
Account Manager
Millennium Solutions Group, Inc.
8303 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. 150
Granite Bay, CA 95746

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From: Brian Honnold <bhonnold@pac-cap.com>
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Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 11:25 AM
Subject: The Gods Have Smiled

>By the grace of the VW gods, Alex Ting and I made a killer deal on a beater
>87 16V Roc yesterday.  Many thanks to Alex who did all the
>work.....negotiating, driving and putting up with my excuses as to why I
>couldn't go look at the car for four days..............
>The car is basically straight but has a salvage title so we are going to
>tear it apart, keep what we need and have the body hauled away.
>I am transplanting the motor, tranny and fuel systems in to my MkI along
>with the power steering dash and guage cluster 160MPH speedo yummmy.
>Alex has plans for all the other parts right down to the little clips that
>hold the carpet down.........
>But I will let him expand on that
>Anyone on the list transplanted a 16V into a MkI......how bout the AGB
>Brian Honnold
>'78 Rocco Ragtop
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