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Re: was[Corrado Royalty] is [A3's & A4's suck, or no suck?] -Reply

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:14:35 -0500 Robert Bisch <RBISCH@lgamerica.com>
> The only thing which I find needing upgraded is the
>installation of swaybars.  The car rolls to much in cornering. 

I agree with you. Then again, what econobox couldnt use a stiffer set of

>A quote
>from Road & Track.( not exact) "The VR6 motor pulls like a locomotive" 
>Personally, that sums it up for me.

I agree here too. The guy whom I was instructing simply didnt use any of
the power from the car. Then he asked me to drive it so he could get an
idea as to what it could do as opposed to how he was driving it. I had
been telling him to get on the gas, over and over so finally I get to
drive it. 
The first time I got on it, I almost caught myself saying out loud,
"OOOHHH-MY-GAWD this thing is ballsy! Thats the most accurate quote ive
heard about the VR6, it does pull like a locomotive! I even shifted into
3rd for a short stint and back to 2nd. It was, FUN to say the least! That
was until I had to turn, theres only one way to get around corners in
that car, and thats to slow way down. Thats the only bad part I thought.
(Well, that and the boatly bodyroll.)  :)

              Shawn Meze
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