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Re: yellow bigbody scirocco

This is kinda road trip related, I think. My job requires me to work every
3rd Saturday. This is my week, so I had today off. I got bored and jumped
in the car. Started driving. Wound up in Ashland, about 70 miles from my
house. My friends and I lately have been doing little trips like this.
We'll barbecue, then gas up my friend John's van and go. We just pick a
direction, and we're off. Nobody was around today, so I went solo. Weird
thing was, Ashland is a town of about 8500 people. I pulled into this
wayside rest, just as another Scirocco was pulling out! This is weird
because the Duluth-Superior area has over 100,000 people, and I can go
weeks in town and the only scirocco I see is mine! I wound up talking to
this guy for about 20 minutes or so. I gave him the website address and
told him about the list, so we'll see if he appears. I don't know why I've
been hitting the road lately, but my 'rocco doesn't miss a beat, so more
trips are probably in the future for me. Gotta find a GF though. I get kind
of bored talking to myself. Got to f--k around with some yuppie moron in a
Camry, though. Made the trip that much more fun. Where to go next? Hmmm....

sorry about the length again,

86 8v
I'm not lost, just wandering about.
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> From: Wm. Josiah Erikson <josiah@gsinet.net>
> To: Zach Vrooman <zach@discover-net.net>
> Subject: Re: yellow bigbody scirocco
> Date: Sunday, September 27, 1998 11:07 PM
> Pretty much wherever I feel like it, and then to Mexico. Probably out to
> California, down the coast, do some swimming and some chilling out. I'm
> with my friend Dan Paul... we've done a road trip together before, and it
> worked out really well, so we're going to do it again, hopefully. Of
course, it
> depends on how much money I manage to make!
>     I live for road trips... well, other things too, I guess. But I love
>     -Josiah
> Zach Vrooman wrote:
> > Whereabouts are you heading on said road trip?
> >
> > zach
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