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Re: Anyone own a '97 or '98 Jetta???

Paul Hanley wrote:
> Although slightly unrelated, I would like to know if anyone on the list
> owns a newer model Jetta. The Wolfie looks sweet. If so, how is the overall
> quality? Fit and finish. Does the damn thing vibrate and rattle like our
> roccos???

I have a '97 GTI VR6, which is essentially a Jetta GLX w/o the trunk.

It's nose heavy, it's TOO heavy, it handles "ok" after getting of all the
suspension components.. rattles a little but no real vibrations, basically not
NEARLY as fun as the 'rocco.  I'm planning to sell by the end of the year...

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Kevin Collins
Huntington Beach, CA
'86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
'97 GTI VR6
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