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Re: sunroofs

In a message dated 9/13/98 5:38:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
ioverholt@hotmail.com writes:

<< wish I knew what the 
 dealer did so I could duplicate it!  I don't think the amount they 
 charged was unreasonable, though others might disagree.
 Ian Overholt
 '88 16v >>
Ian.. go up to the mechanics there and ask them what they would do.  If you
are mechanically inclined, which it seems like you are, they'll probably have
no problem telling you how to fix it.  I've done this a couple times when in a
pinch.  Sometimes you'll get lucky and the Dealership you live near will have
a couple VW enthusiasts workin there... sometimes not. I've moved a lot and my
xperiences have varied.  Of course, I don't let them touch my car anymore but
I do trust them for advice sometimes.  O hell, now that I think of it this
list is probably better than any advice you'll get anywhere else.  Sorry for
wasting bandwidth. heheheheh  HTH
8716VScirocco  95.5Tacoma4x4
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