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Re: sunroofs

I have not had any success working on my sunroof myself.  I followed the 
Bentley procedure, but the thing just would not line up.  I took it to a 
dealer expecting to pay huge amounts of money to get it working right, 
but they adjusted it for $70.  That may sound like a lot, but the thing 
worked perfectly.  I never have been able to figure out how they did it 
either, because no amount of lubrication and fiddling on my part can get 
this thing to work correctly.  Their adjustment lasted about 2 years, so 
this is not a fix that your car will need only once.  It's sort of like 
a heroine addiction, but not quite as needy.  :)  I wish I knew what the 
dealer did so I could duplicate it!  I don't think the amount they 
charged was unreasonable, though others might disagree.


Ian Overholt
'88 16v

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