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Re: [tech] front end question

>         alright, here's the deal:  my car pulls to the left, the
> steering wheel shudders like mad at almost any speed, and the inside
> portion of my passenger side front wheel is wearing out quicker than a
> dice clay joke.

Well, there's a couple things I would do, Stoopy.  :P  Hehehe.  First,
there's that off-center bolt that (y'all will have to forgive me cuz I
don't know what all these things are called) holds the wheel bearing
carriage in the bracket on the side of the strut housing.  There's
actually two bolts, but only one is off-center to the head of the bolt. 
This lets you change your wheel's camber a bit.  Check to see how
changing the positioning of that (top?) bolt changes the camber.

> i've already rotated the
> passenger side wheels between front and back, and it hasn't done 
> anything, so it's not wheel weights.  i don't know how to check any of 
> the ball joints, steering rack, or anything else around there, so if 
> you think that it may be some play in the parts, let me know how to 
> check it.  

Sounds like the wheels aren't outta balance cuz you checked 'em.  Dunno
much about ball joints on vee dubs.  Plus they have to be drilled out to
be replaced, right?  On my 280ZX, they're "easy" to replace.  I think
there was slop (play) from left to right as your on the side of the car
facing the wheel.  That's was one symptom of back ball joints.  Don't
remember too well anymore, though.  (Tried to forget!)

What about (I know this sounds simple) the alignment?  I spent a lotta
time "fixing" my alignment myself.  Lots of tie rod adjustments.  Worth
it, though, IMHO.  Take a look.  Good luck.

'86 8v red martian

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