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Re: test-reiger mk1 wing

I am pretty open minded about the different looks
for Sciroccos. The first rule in style is to rember that
form fallows function. If a BIG wing helps the performance
of the car then it will look good. If the car is capable of achieving
the speed where the wing is working then it will look like part
of the car. The next rule in car styling is to stick to your concept.
If you are going wild, GO WILD. Put a VR6 in the thing and
put some real rubber on the road. The third rule is "The car is yours."
Your car should make you happy.

My cars look more like stock
versions as the designers intended the car to look. To some
my cars look boring but most like them this way. I have the Euro
bumpers and the big lights on my MK2 so it looks just like a 
car from Europe. My  MK1 will probably look mostly stock
and all deviations will be small.  That is just my taste. 
I often defend the guys that have the big kits and the show cars
because the cars are for looking at and that is just what people
are doing. If you rember a car as good or bad it was successful as an
of discussion. In my book that is good.  I like the smaller wings
better most of the time. The kits I like best are the ones with
out the ribs on the side. I designed a concept car back in the 80s
that had all that stuff on it and now it looks dated. The classic 
designs will look good for years and years. 

87 16v silver Scirocco "GTX"
81 8v MK1 red  Scirocco "S"

Message text written by Mark A Peele
>I guess I'll have to get my lazy self up and look at that wing again - is
that the monster wing, or am I thinking wrong?

are you talking about this one? 
http://www.newdimensions.com/Pictures/S1REIG2.GIF   ???

If so, I think it will overpower the car visually.

Personally, the biggest wing I like on the MK1 is the Zender (NLA).

But as I said, I'm not big on this stuff, unless it's somewhat

Simply a matter of preference   :)

I still enjoy seeing these cars, as their owners obviously put a lot of
themselves (and their wallets) into their car.

And I really have not met a Scirocco I did not like at least a little  :)

Mark . . .
Scirocco 1982, Golf GT 1987
Previous Sciroccos: 1981S (RIP), 1980S, 1975TS, 1975

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998 17:34:56 EDT BADCO45@aol.com writes:
>Not the body kit, just the rear wing! 

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