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Re: 16V floor mats

At 03:39 PM 9/9/98 -0400, Brett VanSprewenburg wrote:
>> The dealer is no longer able to get the "Scirocco 16V" logo
>> mats. Does anyone have a source for these? A used drivers side, in
>> serviceable shape would also be considered. 
>> Let me know,
>> 	Jon
>> Jon Auringer
>I was going to have a new set made up by a third party that does custom
>floor mats.  I have an old set of Scirocco 16v mats that came in my 85
>Scirocco when I bought it.  I was going to give them to someone to use
>as 'forms' for how new ones should be cut.  Would anyone be interested
>in going in with me on something like this?  Volume discount and all...
>Just testing the waters at this point.
I bought a set from German Parts and Restoration (1-800-321-5432) when I
had my 16v.  They were black with red "16V" and were made to fit a
Scirocco.  They probably can still get some.  They sell Lloyd brand mats
which is what a lot of the dealer ones are too.

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penda liner
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