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MKII top speed

I've had my '82 up to 105 (speedo) passing erratic drivers on the
interstate with more on tap. My engine is bone stock (except for an 80mm
air flow meter).

Mark . . .
Scirocco 1982, Golf GT 1987
Previous Sciroccos: 1981S (RIP), 1980S, 1975TS, 1975
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Guess I'm a little below all of you.
I top speed tested my old '83 that had craploads of miles on it (over
and it would top out at 107mph. My present '86 tops out at 104mph. I
think it
has a blocked catalytic converter problem. My other '83 had no problem
whatsoever doing 105mph- would have gone much faster, but never felt the
to find out exactly how fast it would go.
My old Quantum wagon used to do 115... in case anybody gives a hoot.
But of course, speedometers lie, and it all depends if you have the
speedo head and/or transmission in your car!
    '83 Scirocco
    '84 GTi
    '86 Scirocco 8v
    '87 QSW

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