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Re: All Lenses Clear

Shawn C Meze wrote:

> Its perfectly legal. There is a white Honda around here with the all
> white lenses on the car. No stickers, lowered, wheels. Looks damn sweet
> to me! The brake lights look sort of pinkish in the daytime. More towards
> the red than it does look pink. More like one of those repair tape jobs
> id say. I havent seen it at night so I cant comment. On a white car, it
> looks really nice. I like it!

I've heard those clear Honda lenses that are turning up all over the place
are *not* DOT approved, hence are illegal... and personally I think they
look like SHIT!!  Clear corners on a Scirocco or M3 look great.. clear
taillights look like bad rice!!!

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Kevin Collins
Huntington Beach, CA
'86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
'97 GTI VR6
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