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Re: All Lenses Clear

On Sat, 5 Sep 1998 13:57:57 EDT TBerk16@aol.com writes:

>I wonder how he could get away with it, I know you could put a yellow 
>bulb in for the turns, but a red for the stop lights?
>It looked kinda cool, but 
>Hope he got a ticket.
>(Not really an advocate of malice toward others)

Its perfectly legal. There is a white Honda around here with the all
white lenses on the car. No stickers, lowered, wheels. Looks damn sweet
to me! The brake lights look sort of pinkish in the daytime. More towards
the red than it does look pink. More like one of those repair tape jobs
id say. I havent seen it at night so I cant comment. On a white car, it
looks really nice. I like it!

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