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Re: too rich mixture

On Fri, 4 Sep 1998 13:59:53 -0000 "C-man" <C-man@email.msn.com> writes:

>Pulled the new plus and they are BLACK. 
>It looks like the car is way too rich. 

Sounds accurate to me. The question is WHY is it so rich? 

>Also the O2 light refuses to go off. 

That has nothing to do with the OX light. You need to press the reset
button to turn the light off. All it does is light up every 30,000 miles
to let you know its time to replace it. There is no diagnostic system to
tell you when the OX sensor is bad and thas why the light is on, FYI.

>I have been told that if my cat.
>is stopped up it will run like this and also the light stays on. 
>Anyone know if this is true or not?

See above. I think I anwsered most of this for you.
If the cat is plugged up, it wont run very well at all. (of course
depending on the condition of the cat.) 
You could check the cat by removing one end and taking a good gander
inside the thing. 

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