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Paint job woes

Hi everyone,

This note is a bit pointless (and vulgar), but I am loosing my fucking
mind being without my car.  I just got off the phone with the bodyshop,
and they are having problems with the back bumper.  Seems just about
everything holding the rear bumper together was rusted to bits.  He said
that two of them pulled the back bumper off without any tools.

Anyways, it won't be done until next Tuesday.  If you have the least bit
of compassion, please understand this is a difficult time for me.  I have
never been away from my 'rocco for more than one week.  Much longer, and I
may need medication.  Maybe it's too late for me.  Who knows.  As long as
my car looks great when it's done.  And as long as I still have the money
to pay for this blasted paint job.  Grrr.

- -- Michael Helms

'81 Scirocco - the fixer-upper
'86 Scirocco - the daily driver (if I ever get it back)

Web Site:  http://home.ican.net/~dhelms/mike

- --
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