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RE: scirocco value???

I just paid 3,000 for my '88, and it sounds VERY close in condition. The
biggest difference being that it has _only_ 123,000 miles ;-), but no
racing exhaust or CD player. The driver's seat had just one tiny crack.
My car was a cherry...one-owner, older woman. It was bought, maintained,
and traded-in at the same VW dealer. Considering that I'm in Minnesota,
she almost had to have gone south to a summer cottage, as there's
literally no rust.

FYI, Kelly Blue Book for my '88 is 3,800 for a perfect car (if I
remember correctly...). I'd say yours is definitely in the 3000+
ballpark. I might ask 3,500, and see if anyone bites. If you settle for
3000-3200, you'll be doing OK.

Words 'o wisdom from Dad:
"It's only worth what you can get someone else to pay for it."

My $0.02.


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From: Ivan Sparks [mailto:ivansparks@home.com]
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Subject: scirocco value???

I have a 1987 scirocco 16v, with 170,000 miles on it. It's body is mint,
the interior is also mint except for a few tears in the drivers seat.
The stereo is a nice blaupunkt cd player. The tires are new, on teardrop
rims. It has new belts including the timing belt, new starter, front
struts, and hoses. A brand new techtonics racing exhaust. Hella 550
driving lamps. Brand new water pump. What is it worth, obviously it's
old, and worth only as much as it is worth to a fanatic such as myself.
I am going to buy a newer GTI or  corrado, and was wondering what people
felt it is worth. By the way, it is running mobil one, burns no oil, and
strange, but for some reason the oil doesnt get black and dirty like
every other car I have owned.......

Ivan Sparks
Rhode Island

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