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Hey guys,

Ok I have a question you you all. I have my sweet '81 Scirocco S with 15 BBS (6.5?) 195/50ZR15 Yokohama AVS Intermediates. I have had them for a long time. (put on in 4/96, tires that is) In like 11/96 i got the new engine (2.0 eurospec 42x35 valves, 272 cam) Since then I have put around 26000 on the new engine.(new spedo with new engine)  So I would guess that would put about 35+ on my AVS total. (I bought my truck in early nov '97 and have put 20K+ on it) (did not drive the 'rocco so hard) Well needles t
o say I have enjoyed these tires but I remember my brother's 2002 that had comp ta's that stuck like glue. I mean you had to heat the pavement to get the car to move. While I love these tires and all I just wanted is to hear/read what you all had to say about the subject. 

thanks for that time

mark hausler
'81 scirocco S
'94 toyo 4x4

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