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Re: Turbo Performance upgrades

>Yes. But if you're running a 3" exhaust, you won't get much if any gains
>from going bigger. Depending on how much power you have, 2.5 to 3" should
>be quite adequate. For the base Callaway kit, producing less than 150hp, I
>think, the 2.5 is plenty. Before bothering with this, consider fuel
>enrichment, intercooling, and getting an upgraded turbo.

What is this I have heard about using an Audi 5k fuel press reg? Is that the
small cannister-shaped thing next to the fuel filter? What about the Fuel press
accum? is it any higher? pump?

>Also, if you don't
>have them, gauges to monitor engine vitals,

Do you think 100-105 cels is reasonable? It seems to be pretty steady there once
it warms up.

>and a turbo timer to run idle
>the car and help the turbo cool down after use.

This is a big thread on the NG.

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