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Turbo Performance upgrades

The car in this example is an '83 Callaway Turbo Scirocco. It rocks, it's fast
as piss, etc. but the boss (my right foot)  says I gotta make it go faster...

    I was thinking about changing the throttle body on my car either to a larger
later model unit or to a weber big single I have lying around. Do you think this
is a good idea? I ask only because I am new to the turbo thing and I wonder if
all the same sort of rules apply. Are there any "upgrades" that don't really
work well with the turbo? Is it true that the larger the exhaust is, the better?
I'm running a 2.5" or 3" right now, but could I benefit from an even larger one?

- -Noah
- -83 Callaway Turborocco
- -83 16v Cabbie
- -87 8v Gti
- -see my cars @:

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