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hello all

I was driving to class the other day and traffic was stopped for a 
car turning left.  I looked in my rear view.  There was a ford 
explorer comming real quick.  I saw the nose dive down. ( I quickly 
remembered all the talk on the list about all those people who drive 
suv and how they drive)  I poped in to first real quick and rolled 
ahead as far as I could.   The explorer just missed me.  phew I sat 
back in my seat.  as soon as I sat back in my seat.  CRACK!!  someone 
had hit the explorer and they had hit me.....
Some teen age girl (damn women drivers--the inattentive driver of the 
explorer was also female)
damage report----  My rear bumper is bent, passenger side tail light 
is smashed and the rear area in between is creased pretty good.  

Anyway, does any one know how I should go about dealing with the 
insurance co so that they treat me fairly?  I can fix the car myself 
cheaply so that it is legal(may not be mint and pretty)  I am looking 
for a new roc anyway.  

Well that was my shitty first day of classes.  Nothing is like being 
late for your first class

cracked up 83 8v  
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