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Re: 16V question-colors

In a message dated 9/2/98 11:08:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
jason@scirocco.org writes:

<< Well, that proves that you and DanMay are both weird.  :)  Hehe... >>
You met me Jason.. you should know I'm weird.  Anywho... my car was made 2/87
and is #019349.  I think it may be because it was without a sunroof....
Grid&Stew, do you have a sunroof on your car?  I know my car was ordered and
then the buyer hated the fact that he/she didn't get a sunroof so they bought
a GTI instead.  Then, my car sat at the dealership for 9 months.  The original
buyer got it for $11.5kUSD new cause the dealership couldnt' get rid of it.  2
years later I got it for $7k with only 46k.  heheheh... i won.
Dan May
8716VScirocco  95.5Tacoma4x4
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