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Re: smog frustrations!!!!

Don't worry, Sciroccos usually run really clean if they're running 
right!  Have you done all the basic stuff?  (Plugs, cap, rotor, wires if 
they're old, O2 sensor, fuel filter, air filter)  You didn't miss the 
limit by much, so probably if there's something on that list that you 
haven't changed, now would be a great time to do it.  Oxygen sensor 
makes a huge difference in the smog reading.  I changed mine and the 
emissions this time around were less than half of what they were the 
previous time.

Also, you should make sure your mixture is adjusted correctly.  If your 
car is running smoothly, then it probably just needs some basic part.  
If it's not running smoothly, then get it to run smooth and it should 
pass smog.


Ian Overholt
'88 16v (hasn't been smogged on the dyno yet, but the last check was 
very clean)

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