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Audi 5000 throttle body!

Woohoo, finally picked up the Audi 5000 TB i've been trying to get for so
long... and MAN what a difference. Just replacing the TB, and a pretty big
difference (noticeable difference in pull). 

But afterward, my dad did the modification which he won't show/explain to
me to the TB, and that difference was doubled! Its like the gears have been
shifted up one or something... the car pulls in 3rd the way it did in 2nd
before, and so on. I'm even getting a bit of wheel spin in 1st gear with my
brand spankin' new Dunlops (boy i'm not used to being able to take corners
at the speed those tires can handle ;-). Only problem - the damn throttle
is a bit sticky, but a worthwhile sacrifice...For anyone considering it,
this is definately worth the cash and effort. 

Just sharing my positive vibes ...

Alex Tomic - Monkey #37 -   "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?"
atomic7@home.com - http://members.home.net/atomic7
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