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> I am looking for a 16V TRANNY.. I do not care about millege as long as
> trans hold oil and works well..
> I am of course willing to pay shipping..

I just went through this myself and let me tell you, you'll be very lucky
if you can find one (a 16v tranny, AGB) for less than $600.  You should be
able to find a close ratio for around $400, but not much less.

I ended up buying a whole 86 16v parts car (with engine and tranny) for
$300.  You may have more luck going this route if you look hard.  It seems
that if you have a whole piece of shit junker, you have to get rid of it no
matter the cost, but if you have a tranny or engine alone, they're a
goldmine.  I picked up a 87 16v parts car in wilmington nc last feb for
$500.  I put a battery in it and it started right up! 86k miles.

Greg Faust

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