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Re: Wolfsburg edition Scirocco question

David LeDeaux wrote:

> What year(s) were the Wolfburg edition Sciroccos manufactured?  I was
> getting my alignment done, and a guy walked up to my car with a curious
> look on his face, walked around to the back, and then came up to me, and
> told me he had a Wolfsburg edition.  It actually belongs to his brother, so
> he didn't know what year it was, but I still inquired if it might be for sale.
> I'd also like to know what features the Wolfsburg editions had.  I.e.,
> power windows or locks or anything like that.
> Anyone have any info?
>         -David LeDeaux
> '80 Scirocco
> http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Track/9444/
> (Yes, I broke down and got one)

my Wolfsburg is a black 85 8v with a close ratio tranny (9A)
- -the interior is black, the seats and the door inserts are black cloth with white
stripes, the seats have the leatherette bolsters like a 16v rocco.
the interior door panels don't have the chrome lines that my 86 has, it has black
plastic ones instead (i find it looks much nicer)
- -it has power steering
- -tilt and slide sunroof
- -mfa computer
- -power/heated mirrors
- -no power windows
- -no power door locks
- -the bumpers were not color coded
- -it has white Wolfsburg emblems on the front fenders
- -it has these really flat 13" mags that i think only came on Wolfsburgs (but i'm
not sure), i don't know the name of them though

i think that's about it...

i've seen some other wolfsburgs, 84s and 85s with the same interior and one with a
stripped blue/gray interior

is it possible that 84 wolfies came with the larger rear wing?

Nigel Heron
86 8v
85 8v Wolfsburg

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