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    Hello everybody.  WTF?  I say again, what the fuck?  Uhh, I just
received my TT 2.25" stainless-steel $400US downpipe with complimentary
emissions-controlling cat.  Looks nice, but not spectacular...what can I
say, if I spend $400 on a hunk o' steel, I want it to dance for me, ok?

    Anyways, my beef right now is that TT advertises that their dp uses
a 2.25" cat...SHIT!  Does that mean that the cat is the _only_ thing
that is 2.25"?  yup.  I didn't realize this until I measured the
piping....I'm pissed!  Here i am expecting to get me a 2.25" pipe from
the cat back.  I suppose that it's a simple matter of cutting the 2"
piping away and connecting the rest of my system to the 2.25 out of the
cat (I just came to this conclusion now and have stopped sweating).

    Right...well, I guess I'm a little vexed cuz this wasn't explained
to me by anyone.  I keep shafting myself cuz I don't know WTF is going
on with my car's internals.  I had my hands on a fine 16V mani, but I
sold it cuz I assumed that it was a part of the downpipe.  Hey, why
not?  The cat's a part of the dp?  Plus when I got the used mani, it
came connected to a dp and cat.  Now this goddamn TT job has not
misleading info...just am an idiot reading it...thanks for letting me

the bastard's mad

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