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SV: Oil Warning light(HELP US BOTH)

>From -83 with the Scirocco at least VW have a two-way system for
oilpressure. One sender below 1800 rpm and that one is 0,3 bar and one
sender that checks pressure over 1800 rpms and that wants 1 bar or
something. The numbers are not exactly but in the range.

Roland Johansson
Scirocco 1,6l TIC -82
Http://www.oden.se/~toker/yellow.htm     (english)
Http://www.oden.se/~toker/gulturbo.htm  (svenska)

> FrĀn: Shannon Fenton <sfenton@telegroup.com>
> Till: johnag <johnag@gglbbs.com>; scirocco-l <scirocco-l@privateI.com>
> Ÿmne: RE: Oil Warning light(HELP US BOTH)
> Datum:  den 19 januari 1998 18:22
Let me guess, youre light and buzzer comes on on the high side of the
dynamic oil ppressure switch. And it only happens when youre coasting down
gear and the revs hit about 2000 +- 200, most likely goosing the gas will
kill it. My car is in the shop right now for this very problem and I just
spoke with the mechanic who hasnt looked at it yet but thinks its a bad
sending unit and says a either a new unit or a VW oil filter will fix it.
He says VW oil filters have special "valve" in them. But my question is why
would a pressure sending unit be affected by temperature, other than of
course if the oil hotter its thinner right. I just dont see why if thats
the problem it wouldnt be kicking in on the low side and get progressivly
worse with the weeks since it began. Guess this turned out to be more of a
question than a answer huh.

Shannon Fenton
Thank you for your time.

johnag wrote:
>Have a diagnostic question:
>Last night I drove to pick up my daughter (about 60 miles) in the 94
>Jetta GL (2.0L). This is in Wisconsin, roads wet-damp, about 30 F.
>Zipping along like, I normally do, at around 65-75 mph. Slow down for
>traffic ahead--going about 30 mph at 2100 RPM, steady. All of a sudden
>oil light comes on--beeps three times and goes out. I pull over, check
>the oil (Mobile 1, 5W30) and it is fine. Get back in drive for about 20
>minutes and the whole thing repeats again. Did it two more times that
>evening. On the return trip, nothing.
>Question: Anyone have any suggestions what I should start looking for?
>Is this the early warning signs of an oil pump going out?
>Any opinions, as always, will be greatly appreciated.
>John A-G
>94 jetta (H-stockers watch out! It's coming...)
>68 911 (everyone watch out, she has a mind of her own!)

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