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Re: Fuel Enrichment Device

> I've been studying the Bentley manual, and the EC article on the Techtonics
> Tuning CIS-E fuel enrichment device.  I'm more than 90% of the way into 
> reverse engineering it.  (I'm an engineer by trade, so I feel qualified
> in using such statements :-) )  What I've got left to learn is whether or
> not the cold running enrichment is put on a duty cycle by the OX sensor
> control module, which sends the signals to the control pressure regulator.
> If it is, I believe that I can beat it by doing my own timed cycle, which
> would reset the systems' duty cycle.  Well, I don't even know if it's 
> going to be a problem yet.  I can you this though, the TT module doesn't
> address it if it is an issue. 
> Anyway, if I'm successful, and I can assemble some for a reasonable cost,
> would any of you be interested?  I'm thinking that I could do an adjustable
> version for not much more, but I'd have to make sure the potentiometer I
> used was precise and stable.  I can tell you though that it wouldn't be 
> worth a $100 more. :-)
> I may just publish the specifications on my web site, whenever THAT becomes
> a reality.

 Would that enable you to get better Gas Mileage ????
  what exactly would the advantage be if you manage to crack it ????

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