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removing airbox

This weekend I need to replace my reverse switch on my 88 16v.  It doesnt look
as easy to get to as my 84 GTi.  
1.) Am I correct in assuming you have to remove the battery and the air box 
	to get to it?  
2.) If so, are there any tricks to it or things I should do/look for while 
	I'm in there?  
3.)The Bentley really doesn't give much info on this procedure.  Does that 
	mean it's really easy and any moron can figure it out?

This moron appreciates any advice.

Greg Faust         "I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol"                        
 84 GTI -bone stock, low miles, black "Got any staight gti wheels for sale?
		Previous owner liked curbs."
 87 16v Scirocco -low milage, good running donor
 88 16v Scirocco -typical mods, daily driver, red, pushing 200k miles

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