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Nazi, etc.

1) I believe from what I've read (don't always believe what . . . ) that
the "Bug" was Dr. Porshe's love child. He shopped it around a bit before
he connected with Hitler. Hitler, apparently thought much of Henry Ford
and wanted to emulate the Model T's success (in providing cheap,
affordable cars) in Germany. None of the "big boys" - Daimler-Benz et al
- were more interested in selling their luxo models. So when Porshe met
up with Hitler, he found a person with (growing) political clout - the
rest is history . . . (I don't think Porshe was a Nazi type - as far as I
can tell he was a car nut)

I am in no way uncomfortable with the origins of the Beetle or VW (which
was reassembled under British supervision after WW2).

And I should point out that I am anti-fascist in very strong terms.

2) their are plenty of sh*t head VW dealers - like any other make. Around
here (Wash. DC) there are super dealers - conglomerates that own 20-30
outlets for various makes. Darcars Toyots, Darcars Nissan, DarCars VW,
DarCars Pontiac. Do you think they give a crap about your VW? 

I just saw the last VW only dealer in this area pull out of the new car
arena - after 40 years as a VW dealer - a sad day. Probably could not
compete in today's media blitz hype world.

3) VW, like any other mfgr, makes lemons. Sometimes "lemon" problems are
really service departments that don't know their butt from a  . . . .

4) I love Sciroccos!

5) I love Sciroccos!
Scirocco 1982,  1978 (Kristen's), 1980S (organ donor), 1981S (RIP),
1975TS, 1975
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