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Long message about my JH. Advice?

I'm rebuilding a JH motor for my 81 Scirocco S, and i need some advice.

On the head side of things, i'm putting on an Audi 5000 Throttle body
(ground away the intake manifold), gasket matched intake and exhaust, stock
valves, autotech performance springs, Ti spring retainers, G-grind,
adjustable cam spocket, VW motorsports head gasket (for higher compression)

I was also thinking of polishing the combustion camber and tops of the
piston. Anyone done this or have any advice on doing it?
And what kind of cam spocket should i get? cheaper the better?

In the block, I'm having it decked, bored 20 over, line honed, crank turned
(spun rod bearing), and I'm putting in a autotech high flow oil pump. The
rods are gonna be machined, then shot peened (only 18 bucks for all 4!),
and I'm getting new 'Badger' pistons from the machine shop. Anyone heard of
these? There pretty cheap, but i think they should hold up to only 7000 or
maybe 7500 rpm. 
Oh yeah, I'm gonna use Total Seal gapless rings. Anyone ever tried these
before? I've heard they work good any other motors (ie. no problems)

One more thing. I'm using the 210mm clutch(stock 210 flywheel), and I taked
to techtonics, and he said that they have a good 210 kit. It's a pressure
plate from a 2.0l 16v mated to a stock 210 disk. Any thoughts? sounds good
to me as long as it bolts up to the 9 bolt flywheel.
And the machine shop (HDS in Escondito) is going to balance the rotating
mass as an assembly. the crank, rods, pistons, flywheel, and cluch.

whew! Any comments/help would be appreciated. It's about 1 month from being
in my 'rocco! the original 190,000 mile 1.7 is showing signs of wear to say
the least. 2 head gaskets in 5 months.

Kevin 'Boy Racer' Fry
81 Scirocco S

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