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Re: oil pressure

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<< hello all
 i have a problem with my oil pressure idiot light.  It comes on with the
 buzzer around 1800 rpm with the engine and oil fully heated up. I have an oil
 pressure guage that santa got me this year.  It said fine about 15 psi.  THe
 real kicker is i don't have the wire to the pressure sender from the factory
 hooked up.  it is taped on the heater hose.  Any ideas?  is there another
 sending unit i don't know about?
On my 84 there were two sending units for the idiot light, one on the oil
filter stand and one on the drivers side of the head.  Usually the oil
pressure sending unit is installed place of the idiot sending unit on the head
and the wire is left hanging or taped somewhere.  When I put the VDO one
terminal sender in place on the head I had the same problem with the idiot
light and buzzer.  My fix was to put a brass tee on the head to accomidate
both senders...problem went away (or you could get the two pole sender).  HTH
Hugh Charvat
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