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Re: /Optima Battery

>The length and width look workable but the height could be a major problem
>depending on how close it is to the hood. Also the posts are backwards
>and the wires would need to be crossed.
>Bob Farrell

I have the red Optima (800U?  I can't remember, there's a red, yellow, and
blue battery and the red one is the right one for SLI use) in my 16v.  Like
you said, it's smaller in L and W but is a bit taller; even so it fits and
I haven't had the pos terminal short out on the hood yet.  The terminals
may be on the wrong sides, but since they're centered on top of the battery
you can just turn it around and everything lines up again.  However, since
the terminals are on top of the battery rather than teh edge, all the
ground and pos wires may not reach.  I had to fiddle with mine to get them
to fit...YMMV.

The OE battery clamp won't work either, so you'll have to secure the batter
with some machine screws and washers.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the terminals are exposed.
I've already shorted it out twice by dropping metal objects on it (trouble
light + wrench); that being said the battery still registered 12.3 or .4
V...it's got tons of power.

BTW don't trickle charge these batteries over the winter.  Apparently this
causes them to die quickly....

Shawn, this is a great battery!  HTH

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