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Re: [to everyone] how low r u?

>Sucks.  Neuspeed race springs are $380 there?  Brutal.  That's lame.  Get a
>friend south of the border to ship stuff to, then drive to his house and
>pick it up(assuming you live within a couple hours of the states).

$380 Canadian, which is about 275 down there.  I'm confident I got as good
a deal on them up here as I'd get anywhere.

>Only reason beyond competition I can see is if one wants something __LOW__
>and __STIFF__.  Grin.  I just don't think the Neuspeed race springs are
>that stiff - definetly not "__STIFF__" in my definition.  Heck of a lot

No, like I said before they're definitely usable on a daily driver, but I
live in Vancouver where the roads are pretty good (ie potholes are rare and
never deeper than 1").  I don't know if I'd want to go any stiffer though...

>dunno, reluctant to drive down there to get in a fight with Dick.  Aptly

uh-oh :)

>I did keep the liners.  I used a dowel, maybe 1.25", put it on top of the
>tire, lifted, had someone stand on the bumper, rolled the car back and
>forth with the dowel in there, hammered the rears a bit(rubber mallet),
>ground screwheads down(so Kevin can make my flares come off when he drives

I'll give that a shot, thanks!

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