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Re: knock sensor

At 11:11 PM 2/19/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi, I was just wondering how much trouble it is to wire in a knock sensor
>because I may be able to get a 1.8 with the 10:1 compression.  

Its no easy task, but I have learned a few things to make it much easier and 
cleaner instalation. 
My project is still on hold on a few specialty items that im having made. (Not 
to mention a junk distributor I bought. One word of caution when buying used 
parts from somebody sight unseen. Sometimes you get burned.) 

Other than the basic needs, Throttle body with switches, Knock box, distributor 
and harness. You just might want to buy this harness from VW. Its the harness 
from an 83 GTi. There are only like 2 left in the world or something. (I got the 
third!) P/N 175-971-129-M. It plugs right into the fuel brain (Under the rain 
tray, driver side) Its beautiful, it has the ox wire, the test lead that you 
leave alone, the connector for both the TB switches, the 2 wires from the little 
heater hose, the gorund wires (Mine attatch to the cold start fuel injector) and 
to the fuel distributor thingie... (did I miss anything?) Its all there, and its 
all new. No fussing, it eliminates alot of splicing (Can you say, "headache") 
and hastle from the project. 
The only other thing that you might want to buy new is the knock sensor itself. 
They take a beating and its well worth having a new one in the car. Just put one 
on my GLi and it made all the difference in the world. I changed mine on the 
advice of a friend who said the frayed ends on the sheathing cover is a good 
sign the sensor is shot. (Doesnt make sence to me, its just the covering, theres 
no damage to the wire inderneath. Its not exposed or anything. Whatever, it runs 
stronger than ever!) 

>My car presently has just the 8.5:1 1.8L, so no knock sensor. A few people I 
>have talked with have said the knock sensor isn't needed but I say It 
>SHOULD be used because of the higher compression. What happens if the KS 
>isn't installed.  My engine has the basic CIS , the other had CIS-E 
>( so there would be a bit more involved anyway )

Technically, the KS isnt needed for the car to run. It wont run well, but it 
will run. Since your planning to upgrade the engine, leaving it stock simply 
wont due, right? Put in the KS system. Do it right. Really anything
 over 10-1 compression prerry much needs the KS. Im sure your gonna eventually 
raise the compression sooner or later. I've got 9.2-1 and have yet to get my car 
to ping with cheap 87 octane on the hottest summer day. (Thats not why im adding 
the system to my car though.)
Lemme know how your project goes. 

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