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Re: Aftermarket spoilers?

Humm Stock that sounds nice.......Well How about the one I've been working on
It's the stock 16v wing with a nother wing mounted flush on the stock that
uses hydros to left it like a Corrados....the one prodlem or problems are No
air tunnels to find out if it actualy makes usable down force or pointless
drag....geting hydro to fit inside the carved out wing or to drill into the
glass and add more seals....And to find hydro units light enough and and
cheap enough for others to use......but it would look fugly you say ....Nope
I've made balsa models to see if it would look hanis.... and to tell you the
truth it looks pretty trick ...reminded me of DTM touring wings 
                   Well If i ever get around to shooting photos and getting
myself to spend the money for a scanner I'll send you all info and pics of
all the toys I make and use .......Later all
        88 16v Tornado RED
        73 914 Lime Green : P
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