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Re: Various 16v questions and now: 1.8L chips from Superchips?!!

> Anyone ever advanced/retarded timing on a 16v?

YUP! it don't work!  You CAN do it but try starting the car again!  =)  Of
course you could just keep a socket in your car and advance it a few degrees
everytime you turn it on.  =)  I don't think so.

I just got the new Performance VW and there is a GTI 1.8L 16v in there with
dyno figures of 188hp and 152 ft/lbs of torque!  and most (a lot at least)
of this is due to a new chip from Superchips (crappy company as far as I can
see and have heard) called the "Icon Race" system.  his car has a crazy cam
setup and CRAZY head work: bigger valves (on a 16v??!! wow!), port and
polish, new valve springs and Crane 260/270 degree cams.  The car obviously
completely lacked in low end power.  The chip was used to gain 12hp from
1200-4000rpm!   All this from a chip primarily to help with ignition timing?
 There is no way it can affect fuel injection of course.  This sounds a
little crazy to me.  I would definately like to try this When I put in my 2.
0L.  It sure would beat wiring up Motronic though I would LOVE to do that! 
Does anyone know exactly what level of complication of wiring a whole
computer in would be?  My local V-Dub dealer's parts guy just put a 16v 2.0L
into a Scirocco with Motronic and he said it was the biggest pain in the ass
.  It sure would make the whole car's presentation better but I'm not sure
if it really is worth it.  Ah well, this can wait 'til August (I hope) 

Josh Clark
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